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TPYC1500 Calender Machine



   The unit is mainly used for setting,calendaring and shrink-proof processing of knit pure Cotton undershirt cloth and urethane undershirt cloth.etc.After processing,the fabrics are Smooth in surface and tight in texture with bright gloss.

  Specially designed stainless steel bracing plate,excellent in performance.
  Steam fabric moistening before entering into polishing roll,with good calendering effects.
  Adjustable calendering roll clearance.
  Frequency conversiOn speed regulation,convenient for adjustment.
  Cloth is roiled after processing.
  Use in combinatiOil wittl superfeed tenter and precision laying-up machine Can get ideal processing effects.

Technical Specifications
  Working width:450~1500ram
  Mechanical speed:0~50m/min
  Drying cylinder temperature:1 00~1 50℃
  Pneumatic pressure:0.3~0.5MPa
  Installed power:2.2kw
  Overall dimensions(L×W×H):2100×2450×1800mm

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