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TPYP2400 Temper mill

Suitable for dyeing of polyester and spandex machine fabric before washing,degreasing,preshrinking leveling,make the fabricwidth,weft densffy,elastic meet the standard.
□ Spray force and the sink are rolling car isolation between the fabric again immersed fully contraction achieve anti wrinkle,leveling function.
□ Sink cloth guide rolier to active rolier,reduce fabrk radial strain.
□ In and out cloth roiling cars have tension adjusting mechanism
□ Sink,cloth guide roller are all made of high quality stainless steel material.
□ The whole machine adopts PLC control,human machine interface operation,mechanical speed frequency contr01,automatic
fault alarm,the operation is simple and stable.
Technical Specigications
□ Working width:2000-3200mm
□ Working speed:10-80m/min
□ Shrinkage:10-35%
□ Motor power:34.5KW
□ Heating:Steam0.3-0.5Mpa
□ Washing temperature:40℃-90℃
□ Drying temperature:lOO℃-160℃
□ Overall dimensions:17060×(A+1260)×4500mm

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