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TPYG3200/3600 heat setting machine


  To typeset the chemical fiber of cylinder shapes and mixed fabric to get a fiat and reliable result.
□ Feed in 2 ways and easy operation.
□ New support of 4 fluorin tubes with no press mark
□ Automatic control of hot air typesetting temperature.
□ Control of 3 motors res pectively for feed,outlet and folding,changeable in speed.
□ Good cooling air comes from 2 Mowing fans,up and down.
□ Outlet roller is hy draulic pressed,but changeable in pressure
□ Steam box at feeding end:Oil option
□ PLC+touch screen control system:on option
Technical Specifications
□ WorMng width:1400(1600)ram(double ways)
□ Mechanical speed:0~30m/rain
□ Maximum temperature:220~C
□ Heating:Electric heating(135kw)、Heat conducting oⅡheating、Gas/LPG heating
□ Driving type:Frequency conversion control
□ Shape size(L×W zH):6150×4900(5300)×3000mm
□ Weiaht:5t

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